Having recently completed the refresh of long term client Falko’s website we were asked to work on a concept for a corporate video. For this project we pulled in a trusted collaborator that we have worked with previously in Little Big Fish Films.

Corporate Video’s within the aviation industry tend to have a stuffy glass office approach with CEO’s sat behind their desk. Having discussed with Falko in our initial briefing this was something that we were keen to avoid.

We conceptualised a continual shoot approach starting in the plane going to the Falko offices and then continuing on the Airport Apron. From sign off of the creative approach the logistical challenge ensued which consisted of various recce’s to Exeter and Norwich airport to sign off on location. Filming on a working airport posed a number of challenges and there were numerous risk assessments to be carried out.

The Filming consisted of two days on location spread over the Falko Office and Norwich Airport. The weather was kind to us although filming on an airfield did prove a challenge with wind noise but this was overcome with the right setup.

We would like to thank the following for allowing this film to happen:

  • KLM Engineering for providing a base for filming
  • Norwich International Airport for allowing us to film on a live airport

Having decided to refresh our website it was suggested by our long-term design studio, Preview Design, to include a Corporate message on the site in the form of a video presentation working in partnership with Little Big Fish films.  It was important to us that the film reflected the personality and ethos of Falko, taking the audience on a journey , telling  the story of who we are, our values and what we do without it being a typical ‘stuffy’ video.  We initially met with Nic from Little Big Fish Films who took time to understand Falko and clearly explained the process we were about to embark on, from initial design concept, script, creating the storyboard through to producing the final film.  Falko, Preview Design and Little Big Fish films signed off each stage of the process before moving on to the next.  Timing was tricky as we had to co-ordinate the availability of an aircraft, location and a full film crew but this didn’t phase Nic and every aspect of the video production was handled in a calm and professional manner which created what turned out in the end to be an enjoyable process.

–  Chris Sedgwick Director Marketing & Communications

Behind the scenes photos:

Image 1 Behind the Seen

The team shoot on the apron and shield the camera / mic from wind noise

Image 2 Behind the Seen

Production Assistant Rebecca stands in as an extra in the film

Image 3 Behind the Seen

Cameraman and Director of Photography check the final take as the sun starts to set

Image 4 Behind the Seen

Production team review a take in the Falko Offices

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