Little Big Fish Films are fellow creatives working within the film and animation industry, who also happen to be a long-time associate of Preview’s, having first worked together when we branded the company back in 2005. Since then we have collaborated on various projects and have delivered  websites to fit with their unique identity. This has helped to differentiate them within a crowded marketplace.

The latest project delivered for them was to take their existing website (delivered by us a few years earlier) and build upon some of the functionality of the previous site. This consisted of design updates to refresh the feel of the brand, however behind the scenes there was a requirement for an updated Content Management System (CMS). The new backend has been utilised to help with daily marketing tasks such as embedding video content, posting blog articles, adding case studies and would also allow the content to be much more SEO friendly.

Since the updated site has gone live it has also been supported by a suite of marketing collateral in the form of email marketing and direct mail that can be used to target potential clients.

“First and foremost, Preview are just a pleasure to work with. But the fact that they balance creativity with a real understanding of how our business can grow is what really separates them.”


Little Big Fish Logo Development visual

Little Big Fish Logo Development

Little Big Fish Films Website

Website Pages

Little Big Fish Films Website

Website Pages

Little Big Fish Email Campaigns

Email campaigns

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