During the recession of the late 90’s Pizza Hut discovered McDonald’s had dropped their marketing. Providing an opportunity to cut through the chatter and gaining an increase of 61% in sales. Whereas McDonald’s saw their sales decline by 28% in the same period.

Although business may be quiet and staff skeletal, right now is the most important time to maintain brand awareness and stay on top of your marketing.

Companies that slash their marketing will inevitably fall behind. Losing the customers they potentially spent years working tirelessly to obtain and retain.

We have created this list of tips from 25 year’s experience, to help you stand out during these confusing times:

  • Allocate spending in advance – According to industry averages marketing spend should be around 7-11% of your projected annual revenue.
  • Plan activity by considering customer touchpoints (places where your prospective customers could come into contact with your messages) – whether that’s Social Media, Direct Mail, HTML Emails, Websites, Brochures, Digital Publications, Vlog’s, Online social media forums, webinars or anywhere else.
  • Create relevant, regular and on-point content – Ensuring that your marketing talks effectively to your audience is both tasteful and regular. This is key to reinforcing a common and consistent brand message. For your marketing activity to have the right effect it’s key to share the right content at the right time.
  • Agility is key – as this crisis unfolds ensure you are adapting your activity to support/complement what is going on, with topical and timely content resonates.

So many companies will fall behind in the coming weeks. If you’re confused about what to do, which messages to share and how to continue promoting your business effectively please get in touch.

Drop us a line info@preview-design.co.uk or call us on 01438 901 250.

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